All Videos

  • Edit audio first. Audio is the most important.
  • Usually trimming video is easy. You can trim right inside YouTube.
  • Choose the best software for you

Screen Capture Video

  • Get the best quality microphone you can afford.
  • Find the quietest room you can.
  • Be aware of tapping the desk
  • Set the recording size as big as you can to allow room to zoom in without losing resolution
  • Use the zoom animation to focus into portions of the screen. But be aware of too many rapid shifts in scale.
  • Put your computer into do not disturb mode or turn of all mail programs and internet to avoid popups

On-Camera Video

  • Be aware of the space you are recording in; pay attention to extraneous audio (ie traffic noise)
  • Don’t shoot with your back to a window
  • Declutter your workspace in the view of the camera.