Below are examples of ways to use a simple video for a variety of purposes. Please see the pedagogy page for more about the reasons we use video to promote student learning.

Describe an Assignment


While listening to this video I noted how important it would be to increase my volume during recording or editing.

Answer FAQ

Help Students Prepare for Class

When does Excel want to dance? What do you need to be prepared for class?

Microlearning: Teach Content

An example of teaching content that was found on YouTube by Kevin Lam.

Supplemental Learning (Like How-To Videos)

How-to videos are often found on YouTube, but I make my own to promote engagement (particularly if the ones online are boring).

Outline Steps for an Assignment

Explain a Policy

Lecture Capture

Orientation for an Exam

Teach an Online Class

My view count for these classes was low, which may be because students learned in another way.

The possibilities are endless…