There are many different kinds and uses of video that can promote learner success. Two main categories are screen capture and on-camera video production. Start with whatever you feel most comfortable with.

Screen Capture

  • Many find this less intimidating
  • Easier to script
  • Great editing potential.
  • Can zoom, highlight and many other tools to focus students attention on material at hand.


  • Eye contact and faces often improves engagement

More on Types …

The learning curve of video production may be the most time-consuming aspect. We recommend starting small with one of the easy types. Click here for examples of easy ways to get started with video. Once you hone some of the basic skills you may want to try one of the more advanced types of video production (click here).

Light Boards

  • A camera shoots through a glass sheet, the instructor rights on the glass facing the camera.
  • A light board enables you to teach as you would in the classroom, but still maintain eye contact with the viewer. 
  • Need to flip the image in post to have text in correct direction
  • Models of Change example

Subject Matter Interviews  

  • Video interviews with people who have direct experience in the field is often engaging for the students
  • No need to include interviewer, edit video with question on title card, allow subject to answer

Below are some slides from recent presentations. We will expand on key points under other headings on this webpage.