Beyond traditional videos …


Click here for more information about interactive video using H5P. This content type was used to develop simulated home visits before branching was possible. Branching will be used to develop future simulations.

A screenshot of the video simulations used in Laura’s course

Branching Logic

Click here for more information about branching scenarios using H5P. Click here for slides from a previous presentation on H5P branching scenarios.

A screenshot of what the back-end of H5P branching looks like


For teaching
For recruitment

Live Streaming

There are a variety of ways to live stream. My favourite method (although I don’t normally live stream) is using OBS. YouTube also has a built-in “go-live” option, but using OBS enables more control over.

Subject Matter Interviews  

  • Video interviews with people who have direct experience in the field is often engaging for the students
  • No need to include interviewer, edit video with question on title card, allow subject to answer

Light Boards

  • A camera shoots through a glass sheet, the instructor rights on the glass facing the camera.
  • A light board enables you to teach as you would in the classroom, but still maintain eye contact with the viewer. 
  • Need to flip the image in post to have text in correct direction
  • Models of Change example