Laura is an experienced nursing educator from Northern Ontario with a passion for making learning accessible and fun. As an innovator, she strives to continually improve her teaching practices. In her teaching, she is known as an innovator who evaluates ways to effectively integrate technology into learning. While the use of technology is often the focus of innovation, it is actually continuous and creative reflection on ways to increase the quality of learning that is most effective. Her research has focused on student perceptions of safety in clinical learning, rural nursing education, interprofessional education, and social media in education. A commitment to innovation and student success drives her teaching approaches. As an educator, she strives to reflect the characteristics of someone students can feel connected to and comfortable with – flexible, available, approachable, supportive, empathetic, honest, trustworthy, and fair.

Learn more about Laura Killam by exploring her online dossier.

Laura Killam holding an award from CNIE.
Photo by Kelly Brennan. Read about the award here.



Welcome to my domain. Below is a list of some places you can explore my online presence and resources.

Domain Description
Apa.nursekillam.com An open educational resource for teaching and learning APA format.
LauraKillam.com An online version of my CV that expands on the paper-based CV by linking to examples.
Informatics.nursekillam.com/blog/ A syndicated blog of student work.
Insights.nursekillam.com Blog to promote the scholarship of teaching and learning
Nursekillam.com An “about me” page.
Nursekillam.com/accreditedoer/ The recruitment website for a current research project.
Nursekillam.com/badge/ Where Katherine Timmermans and I developed our badging presentation for the 2018 Advancing Learning conference.
Nursekillam.com/bsn4416/ Where I explored open education and posting the majority of my course materials for BSN4416 as a component of my innovation position at Cambrian.
Nursekillam.com/ipe/ Where Kim McNab and I are hosting more information about our poster for CNIE 2018.
Nursekillam.com/youtube/ Where several 2018 presentations about YouTube for teaching are being hosted.
Nursekillam.com/video/ A website created by six people from three different institutions for a panel about video creation for CNIE 2019.
Nursekillam.com/qbl/ A presentation about quest-based learning with Aaron Langille.


My blog is a place to share insights. That is why I called it insights.nursekillam.com

It is a place for showcasing reflective practice. Take a look inside my head as I share questions that I have, challenges I have faced or my views on current issues. Sometimes I may express opinions or frustrations. Ideally others will find the content useful in some way and start engaging as a community. I welcome critique and discussion!

I am sure that this blog will evolve with time – as should any project that is grounded in constant evaluation and reflection. Please take the time to visit my blog and let me know what you think – good or bad.

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My goal is to empower students through the creation of easy to understand videos. I explain complex topics like research, the nursing process, APA and more clearly so you can focus your studying and learn what you need. You can also find tips for passing the NCLEX and jurisprudence exam. Come study with me on Thursdays and understand the hardest parts of education through relevant teaching materials. I do my best to post videos posted bi-weekly.

I love using YouTube as an innovative and on-demand teaching tool. Let me know what videos would help you in the comments section of any video. Don’t forget to subscribe while you are there. Click on the bell beside the subscribe button to choose if you want notifications all the time or sometimes.

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My children have also come to love YouTube. They recently started posting fun videos for children on Froggy Fun House and Flexible Fun. Sometimes you can catch me on camera in their videos if you want to see the family side of NurseKillam.