Nursing Inquiry and Praxis III

Research Proposal

Academic Integrity Among Nursing Students Researchers have identified a relationship connecting academic integrity in both the classroom and clinical setting among students enrolled in a Bachelor of Science Nursing program (Bultas, Schmuke, Davis, and Palmer, 2017). Acts of dishonesty among nursing students include the following; obtaining exam answers from students who previously took the exam, … Continue reading Research Proposal


Hi everyone, please find attached the link for the research proposal Julia and I completed. Thanks! Madison & Julia Advertisements

Open-Assessment: It’s Just Good Pedagogy #OER a reflection on OE Fellows Webinar 5: Introduction to Open Educational Practice #OEP from @eCampusOntario

What consciously being open might look like in a variety of contexts.

Research Proposal

Hi Everyone! 

Please follow this link to the the website for my Research Proposal! 

4416 Proposal:

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Video Feedback: Time-Saver or Time-Waster?

Some lessons from using video to grade student work.

LA #10 – Dissemination Plan

The utilization of research plays an important role in nursing knowledge and it is essential for the continued improvement of patient care.  It has become apparent that it is one of the most successful ways to develop evidence practice (EBP) to enhance the quality of care that nurses provide to patients (Potter & Perry, 2014). … Continue reading LA #10 – Dissemination Plan

Research Proposal by Josee, Brooke & Brett

In Canada there was approximately 29,000 premature infants born every year (Canadian Premature Babies Foundation, n.d).  Infants who are born prior to their full gestational term are underdeveloped and often very ill (Obeidat, Bond, & Callister, 2009). The birth of a healthy child can bring extra stress to parents as they ponder their new roles … Continue reading Research Proposal by Josee, Brooke & Brett


Research is the groundwork for determining the effectiveness of patient care protocols and how to create new ones. Healthcare professionals require reliable and credible evidence to base these clinical and practice on (Holloway & Peart, 2018). A dissemination can be defined as conveying the purpose and findings of a research study into different platforms: Training … Continue reading Dissemination

The Morning Read: Volume IV

Planning for dissemination is crucial for the adaptation of clinical research to become referenced into clinical settings as evidence based practice (EBP) [Singleton, 2017]. Posing great relevance to pediatric practice settings, effective interventions must be utilized by practicing pediatric nurses that meet the needs of care for patients undergoing surgical procedures (Atyekin, Doru, & Kucukoglu, … Continue reading The Morning Read: Volume IV

Research Proposal – Comparing Self-management Education in Type-two Diabetes Participants

Comparing Self-management Education in Type-two Diabetes Participants To begin, diabetes has become more widespread impacting four-hundred and twenty-two million in 2014, which is an increase from 1980 with only one-hundred and eight million affected (World Health Organization, 2017). Diabetes puts an immense strain on the healthcare system because it causes macrovascular and microvascular complications ultimately… Continue Reading →

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