Nursing Inquiry and Praxis III

In catch-up mode for #BSN4416 ??

If you are just getting started now in this course please start with this live session: In this session, we talk about the three components of the course that make up 40% of your negotiated grade. Then, book a meeting… Continue Reading →

Ethics Rubric

Good morning, The ethics assignment rubric (click here) is now in comment only mode. It is very near completion. I anticipate finalizing it during the next live session. If you would like to have input into the development of it now… Continue Reading →


I think there are a number of ways for students to demonstrate an understanding of ethics. Given the flexibility and overall fluidity of this course, I’m not sure this is a “one-size-fits-all” type of assignment. We are currently creating the ethics rubric, however we all have different ideas of what our ethics assignment will end … Continue reading Ethics

Ideas for the Ethics Assignment

An interesting idea to demonstrate ethical knowledge would be presenting a case study. This would allow for one to creatively display their knowledge on ethics. Another idea would be to create a comprehensive test on all the material covered in the ethical certification course and then test fellow classmates. However, this idea is much less … Continue reading Ideas for the Ethics Assignment

Ethics Assignment Ideas

In order to demonstrate an understanding in ethical critical thinking, one must complete the ethical certificate and solidify learning through a project. My ideas to demonstrate an understanding of ethics is to produce a PowerPoint presentation of the topic. Another idea may be to create a case study where ethical decisions were not made and… Continue reading Ethics Assignment Ideas

Can students really create a rubric? #BSN4416

Do I actually think my students can create rubrics?

Feelings about going “gradeless” in Week 1 of #BSN4416

My reflection on week 1 in the gradeless classroom.

Week 1: Course Introduction

Tomorrow’s “slides” in nearpod. Code: AWNEI

What is the purpose of grading?

Why do I grade students?

Empowering Options: Inclusive and Universal Design for Learning @CambrianHub and Day 9 #makingsense18

Reflections and notes from a discussion about universal design for learning from a session in the Hub.

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