Deeper Gamification + OERs

What are OERs?

An Open Educational Resource (OER) is any materials that are made freely available for use in classrooms through an open license.  If this is a new term for you the video below by Cable Green provides an excellent overview of creative commons licenses in the context of education.

Why Use OER?

OERs may be one of the keys to facilitating quest-based learning in post-secondary education.  As many traditional textbooks follow a classical linear learning model they are not well-suited to the flexible format of QBL.  Open and self-contained, educational videos, text, exercises, tutorials, animations, models etc. could be more appropriate in populating quest nodes in terms of both breadth and depth of information.  We are currently formulating a set of guidelines and processes for the curation and development of OERs to support quest-based learning.

qimono / Pixabay

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