“Easy” Gamification: Examples

Gamification methods are often divided into “easy” and “deeper” levels of commitment and implementation effort. Easy methods are most often associated with shorter-term extrinsic motivation boosts and simple positive behavioural modification. Deeper or more “challenging” gamification methods are discussed (here).

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Easy gamification uses techniques similar to those listed below:

  • badges and achievements
  • friendly competition (often through leader or scoreboards)
  • points
  • cooperation techniques


As a familiar example, these are the techniques most often associated with fitness training and other mobile apps.  The fitness industry is a motivation-driven industry and the use of badges, friendly cooperation and cumulative points, steps or other metrics are very common.  

Fitbit badge
Fitbit badge Image by Dennis Crowley

Even apps such as Audible, an audio book platform, provides badges to users in order to promote increased use.


Badges inside Audible
Badges inside Audible

Our friends at eCampusOnatario also have badges for their Ontario Extend modules. 


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