Nursing Inquiry and Praxis III

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Are Deadlines Dead?

Do we really need deadlines?

Fantastic Filing Failure

The first of many failures I am reflecting on in my course.

Purpose, Problem and Questions

It has become apparent that academic integrity is increasing among nursing students year after year therefore the issue of cheating and plagiarism is at an all time high (Lynch et al., 2017). Students who choose to cheat in the classroom setting are more likely to falsify data in the clinical setting as well as their … Continue reading Purpose, Problem and Questions


Research has played an important role in nursing and has become one of the most successful ways to develop knowledge base into practice in enhancing the quality of care that nurses provide to patients (Potter & Perry, 2014). Nurses come across many ethical dilemmas which may make it difficult to morally decide on the correct … Continue reading LA #5- ETHICS


The TCPS 2: CORE-Tutorial outlined a variety of reasons as to why one would need to incorporate ethical principles into their research. In regards to applying ethical principles when conducting a research study one would need to consider the following three principles which include minimizing the risk of harm, ensuring informed consent, and protect confidentiality. … Continue reading Ethics

The Morning Read: Volume III (An Ethical Installment)

The brisk air has remained within the tenure of the atmosphere. Maples are still bare, ever limber from the insidiously declining temperatures. Snow now paints the backdrop of the window pane. Winter, is in fact upon us. Through this paned glass, nurses look out at the vast horizon. How could they possibility conduct research within … Continue reading The Morning Read: Volume III (An Ethical Installment)

LA #4-Purpose, Problem & Questions

Mental health issues in immigrants is becoming a major concern in Canada (Thomson, Chaze, George & Guruge, 2015). In recent years, Canada has become a home to many immigrants across the globe and following their arrival in Canada, it has been ascertained that their mental health continues to deteriorate over time (Islam). Therefore, it is … Continue reading LA #4-Purpose, Problem & Questions


Based on the feedback provided, I have decided to redirect my research topic to Ghanaian-Canadians perception of mental health. Mental health is the function of our emotional, psychological and social well-being which affects how we think, feel and act (Halter, Pollard & Jakubec, 2014). There are a lot of information on mental health literature on immigrant’s mental … Continue reading REVISED LA #3

The Morning Read: Volume II

The air remains brisk, every inhalation induces slight tenderness when the now cooler air progress through the airways. Once exhaled, the moisture expelled promotes perceivable breathe condensation. The maple trees that once encompassed a plethora of warm framed colors are now bare. The terra firma providing the foundation for the starkly empty maples now flourish … Continue reading The Morning Read: Volume II

Brooke, Brett & Josée. Project plan Revision

According to statistics Canada (2018), in 2013 there were 380,323 recorded births of which 29,716 were premature births. Premature birth is a birth that occurs before 37 weeks’ gestation (WHO). However, recently, gestational age has become the primary marker of physical and neurological maturation (Ionio, et al. 2016). In Canada specifically, approximately 29,000 infants are … Continue reading Brooke, Brett & Josée. Project plan Revision

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