Ends In View

By the end of this learning activity students will:

  • Engage in self-assessment based on co-created rubrics for the course.


These ends in view are designed to help students meet the following course learning objectives:

Outcome Objective
6. Engage in professional collegial discourse and sharing of ideas to support a culture that supports nursing inquiry. C. Engage in self-assessment.


In Preparation

    • Ensure you have booked a grade negotiation meeting that will occur before the end of October. Book through https://calendly.com/killam if needed.
    • Re-read the evaluation process (click here).
    • Review student work, peer feedback, instructor feedback and rubrics.
    • Optional: Complete this grade negotiation form.

There will be no live session or separate Progress to Praxis (Participation) work this week. Instead, review this recording:


Concise Grade Negotiation Process

  • Do the thing (assignments)
  • Get feedback on the thing
  • Complete the rubrics
  • Negotiate your mark in a meeting with Laura
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