Ends In View

By the end of this learning activity students will:

  • Explore the topics that are of interest to learners.
  • Identify topics to focus on for individual research projects.
  • Articulate a gap in the current literature base.
  • Draft a research problem and purpose.


These ends in view are designed to help students meet the following course learning objectives:

Outcome Objective
1. Identify contemporary topic(s) for inquiry within the discipline of nursing. A. Describe a gap in nursing knowledge.

B. Formulate new research questions.

C. Develop a narrow, manageable, specific topical focus.

D. Identify a research topic, problem and purpose for a project.

E. Justify the importance of the selected project.

2. Refine evidence-informed entry-level competencies that reflect developments in society, health care, nursing knowledge and current best practice. A. Appraise research studies.

B. Refine previous literature reviews.

C. Critique the significance of published studies.

D. Describe the scope of nursing research in an area of interest based on an updated literature review.


In Preparation

    • Review literature about how to complete your selected project.
      • For research proposals, there is a book by Creswell on reserve (older edition) that is recommended.
      • For literature reviews, this open textbook is recommended.
      • You are not limited to these recommendations. Use your skills to find and use other sources of information to meet your needs. The library databases are full of good sources. YouTube also has some good information.
    • Consider what topic you want to focus on for your research project.
    • Review the literature on your topic.
    • Do a new database search for literature specific to topics of interest to confirm that there is a gap.


Live Icon

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Attend the live session or view the recording. During the live session we will:

  • Review participation expectations.
  • Discuss how to pick a topic to focus on for the research project.
  • Identify and address some of the challenges students are facing in selecting a topic.
  • Formulate discussion groups for participation activities.


Progress to Praxis (Participation) 

  • Refine the focus of your project for this course.
  • Post the following for your peers to review on a blog, inside Moodle, or on a platform of your choosing. The suggested length is 250 to 500 words. However, there is no strict limit.
    • Identify what your project will be (research proposal, literature review, or research assistant work)
    • Describe the significance and relevance of your proposed project. End with the purpose statement.
  • Email Laura to let her know where participation will be occurring if it is outside of Moodle and not already syndicated (showing up) on this website.
  • Groups will be assigned based on the focus of your project for you to engage in discussion with your peers. You are expected to comment on a minimum of two other posts during each week of the course.
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