Ends In View

By the end of this learning activity students will:

  • Recognize the importance of planning for dissemination of findings.
  • Describe evidence-based practice.
  • Outline how the student’s project should inform practice.
  • Identify factors that impact knowledge diffusion and the use of research in practice.
  • Plan appropriate diffusion strategies for student projects.


These ends in view are designed to help students meet the following course learning objectives:

Outcome Objective
5. Create a product to demonstrate the application and integration of nursing inquiry processes. B. Create a product that contributes to a new understanding of nursing knowledge.
6. Engage in professional collegial discourse and sharing of ideas to support a culture that supports nursing inquiry. A. Identify an appropriate approach to presenting the project.

E. Explain the link between evidence and practice.


In Preparation

    • Review the literature about how to impact evidence-based practice with your selected project. Suggestions include:
      • Chapter 20 in LoBiondo-Wood and Haber (2013)
      • Estabrooks, C. (2009). Mapping the research utilization field in nursing. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 41, 218-236.
      • Estabrooks, C., Chong, H., Brigidear, K., & Profetto-McGrath J. (2005). Profiling Canadian nurses preferred knowledge sources for clinical practice. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 37, 118-140.
      • Forsman, H. et al. (2010). Use of research by nurses during their first two years after graduating. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 66, 878-890.
      • Palmer, D., & Kramlich, D. (2011). An introduction to a multisystem model of knowledge integration and translation. Advances in Nursing Science, 34(1), 29-38.
    • Read the Canadian Nurses Association’s position statement on evidence-based practice (click here).
    • Watch these videos (Recall that you can speed them up if desired)

    • Refine your project based on feedback from previous work.


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Attend the live session or view the recording. During the live session we will:

  • Announcements:
    • Grade Negotiation Reminder
    • A reminder that projects must be completed in November
  • Discuss how to plan for the dissemination of your project.
  • Discuss the project rubric.
  • Identify and address some of the challenges students are facing in the course.

Progress to Praxis (Participation) 

  • Identify a plan for dissemination of your project that will increase the chances of it being used in practice. Click here for the rubric that can be used if you choose to complete this activity as a component of your project grade.


  • Refine your project for submission. Be sure to submit it for feedback early enough in November that you have time to revise it if you wish to.
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