You may wish to do some video production as a component of your project. Jeff and I are available to help you with the recording and editing of those videos. Video editing is not a required skill in this course. You are encouraged to try videos for your weekly activities as well. For these videos, I do not recommend doing a lot of editing in the interest of saving time so you can focus on the content for your final project.

Quick Tips:

  • You reduce background noise and have a plan.
  • Record in landscape mode!
  • Focus on the priorities in this order:
    • Content
    • Audio
    • Lighting
    • Video quality
  • Screen captures are good too – your face does not need to be on camera.
  • Concise is better than being long-winded.



Here are some examples of videos about research that have different, but still good, styles:

The video below is a whiteboard animation style video. There are some free tools online and some paid options that I can explore if students are interested in trying this out. VideoScribe, for example, has a free trial that may get you by if you plan ahead.


An animated infographic is also an engaging way to present information. Check out the video below for an example.

Of course, there is also the option of doing a presentation and simply recording yourself. To take it a level up, Jeff can help with recording you and editing your slides overtop in an engaging way. You could even incorporate animations and other effects over top!


For more tips, you are welcome to explore this website I created to encourage educators to create videos.


Discussion Prompt

What ideas do you have? What videos do you like?

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