This course is designed to have students engage in a project that involves the application and sharing of research knowledge through a project that meets these course objectives.

By completing this assignment, learners will meet the following course objectives:

Outcome Objective
1. Identify contemporary topic(s) for inquiry within the discipline of nursing. A. Describe a gap in nursing knowledge.

B. Formulate new research questions.

C. Develop a narrow, manageable, specific topical focus.

D. Identify a research topic, problem and purpose for a project.

E. Justify the importance of the selected project.

2. Refine evidence-informed entry level competencies that reflect developments in society, health care, nursing knowledge and current best practice. A. Appraise research studies.

B. Refine previous literature reviews.

C. Critique the significance of published studies.

D. Describe the scope of nursing research in an area of interest based on an updated literature review.

3. Enact practices and protocols for examining a chosen topic of inquiry. A. Plan a project that will examine a specific nursing issue in depth.

B. Develop a clear purpose for the project.

C. Based on the purpose of the project, justify the most appropriate project design.

D. Contribute to the development of success criteria for course projects.

6. Engage in professional collegial discourse and sharing of ideas to support a culture that supports nursing inquiry. A. Identify an appropriate approach to presenting the project.

C. Engage in self-assessment.


Click here for the co-constructed rubric.

In order to ensure students are progressing through the course, a one-page (or more if you want) project plan will be submitted as a portion of the assignments category in the course outline. The project plan should include a summary of the literature on your topic, problem statement, purpose and questions. It will also include a brief outline of your proposed project, which identifies what assistance you need in completing the project.

Visio is a nice program that is installed on all campus computers for designing a visual representation of your outline if you want to use it.


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