It is expected that learners actively engage in the course on a weekly basis.

Click here for the co-constructed rubric.

Live Sessions

Commonly known as webinars, live sessions through zoom will be held throughout the course. The schedule will be collaboratively determined during the first week of class. These sessions are much like the typical face to face class you are accustomed to and will involve group discussion. Recordings will be made available. Participation during these sessions will facilitate success in the course.

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Each week, activities will be suggested under the progress to praxis section of your learning activities to help you delve deeper into the course content. You can choose to participate in these activities or modify them to be more meaningful for your learning. Weekly participation in the course is expected. Students are encouraged to keep a log of their participation. Keeping this log may be simplified through choosing to participate outside of Moodle.

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You can participate in these activities within the course shell, on your own blog or on another platform of your choosing. The goal is to engage with classmates in a discussion about nursing research throughout the course. Students are encouraged to be creative and try new ways of expressing their response (i.e. creating a video, gifs, or memes instead of a text-only response). Please communicate how you plan to participate in the course with the professor and class.


Blogging throughout the course is an excellent way to build a portfolio, publically showcase your work and complete discussion activities all at the same time. If you choose to blog instead of posting inside the course shell (moodle) then I would like your permission to syndicate your posts on this page. For details about what that means and why you might want to do it please visit this link.

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I suggest that you use the hosted version of WordPress that is free for you to use so I can better support you. Here is how to set up a WordPress blog. However, you are free to choose any platform you want. Depending on how many students choose this option we will create discussion groups.

To have your blog syndicated (show up on this website) please complete this google form.


You can also participate in the activities by talking through them in a vlog. Please keep in mind that your focus should be on developing your project, not on learning to edit video. Keep these videos short and simple. Have good content, but don’t get lost in the details. A good tool we can use for this if students want to try it is flipgrid, which is now free for education. As a bonus, experimenting with video in this way will help you get more comfortable on camera if you want to do a video as a component of your final project.

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