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Good evening students,

All three rubrics for the 40% grade negotiation are complete. We will discuss licensing Monday. If you want your name credited for the ones you worked on please add it (at the bottom). I did not get my blog post done this week so I will do it after we walk about the license.

Answer to FAQ: You are allowed to work in groups for the project as long as you can demonstrate in some way that all members contributed to the group. I need to be able to see that you are all working on the project (and there are enough aspects to it). So, I would expect more from a group of 3 in terms of methods than an individual. One group is using a FREE WordPress blog and each person has their own profile for weekly activities. They will combine their work for the project plan but blog weekly activities separately. That is a good way to keep it all in one place but show your work.

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Live sessions will be Monday and Friday at 1pm unless otherwise indicated on the schedule. I cancelled a few near grade negotiation. Links to the sessions are in the course calendar.

I am no longer posting links to the class recordings under each learning activity. Instead the link to the playlist is under the “course website and class recordings” section of Moodle and under “class recordings” on the course website.

I am not setting any firm due dates for the course. However, I have added suggested due dates to the course calendar to help those that need them. Under the “course schedule” link there is a video that shows you how to sync your calendar with me.


I do not think that everyone is getting my messages. Can someone please post this in the Facebook group? I will only ask for that this one time. I will use this news form for important updates like this one and try to post only when necessary (to avoid spamming you). If you did not get this message, please make sure your Moodle profile is up to date. The course website will be used for additional information. If you are interested you can subscribe to it:

Groups are being formed. They are not for project completion. They are to allow you to look for only a small number of posts for the peer engagement portion of the participation rubric. If you complete the missing cells in the document by Monday your groups will have common focuses (location and topic).

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Attention Bloggers: I will talk about how to set up your blog on Monday. You can wait for then to post if you want to. Please make sure you email me your links.


Thank you,


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