Please watch the short video below, which is designed to give you a general feel for the course.

As you may have noticed from the above video there are a lot of choices embedded in the course design.

  • You are welcome to explore the course links to familiarise yourself with the course. I recommend that you start by reading the course syllabus for an overview of how the course is planned to function. You are also encouraged to review the course outline (inside myCambrian) and program policies (linked on the top left inside Moodle).
Live Icon

Icon from the noun project / Design by the Cambrian Teaching and Learning Innovation Hub

  • We will walk through this course website and Moodle shell in our first live session. In addition, we will discuss expectations, due dates and how assignments will be submitted. Be sure to attend the live session or view the recording. I am waiting to hear back from Natalie about the orientation schedule and will plan the live session around that.
  • You will be asked to install Zoom on your device to join the live session. You are encouraged to download and install the program in advance of the session or arrive early to the session.
  • It is recommended that you sync the course schedule to your calendar or revisit the course schedule page weekly. Since this course is designed to be flexible, the calendar will be updated in response to learner needs.
  • The evaluation menu has a top-level explanation of the process and rationale for how evaluation will occur in this course. It is then is organised to match the evaluation criteria in your course outline (inside myCambrian), components.
  • This course will be organised by learning activities. Some learning activities may be shared inside Moodle and others will be posted on this website. I will post learning activities or indicate where to find them under “learning activities.”
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