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LA#3 – Claudia Lachance

For my final project in my Nursing Inquiry and Praxis class, I have decided to pair up with a partner (Samantha Senecal) and do a research proposal. To choose our topic, we decided to expand our knowledge on a topic chosen in our previous Nursing Research class. Between both of our topics, we narrowed it… Continue reading LA#3 – Claudia Lachance

LA #3 Topic- Samantha Senecal

Previously in my Nursing Inquiry and Practice class I focused my studies on postpartum depression (PPD). This year I plan to continue expanding my knowledge on PPD and the gaps in research associated with it. My end-goal is to create a research proposal that I hope will aid me in achieving the expansion of my … Continue reading LA #3 Topic- Samantha Senecal

First Blog Post/LA 3

For my final project int his course I hope to be doing a research proposal that builds off the critical literature review that I did in year three. The question in that I asked in this paper was: “Are non-pharmacological interventions for treatment of hypertension effective?”. The overall sentiment that I received when looking at … Continue reading First Blog Post/LA 3

BSN 4416 – LA 3

We will be doing a research proposal through a website within this course.  In our previous research course, we both had different topics of focus that included diabetes and mental health.  Due to our personal lived experiences after all of the numeracy stress that had just occurred, we wanted to further know how others, who … Continue reading BSN 4416 – LA 3

L.A. #3; Background

Last year in the nursing research course I looked at barriers to cardiac rehab (CR), more specifically, gender differences in referral. I plan to continue to look into this for my project this year, and present it in a research proposal poster. It is a well known fact that Cardiovascular disease (CVD), is a leading cause… Continue Reading →

Botched Badging? #BSN4416

Is badging really going to work this year?


Thanks for joining me!
Follow along with my journey through my 4th year Nursing Research course
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LA3 – Topic Background

Previously in Nursing Research classes, I explored the concepts of pain and pain assessment in dementia patients. For my final Nursing Inquiry and Practice project I plan on composing a research proposal that further addresses these topics. Previous research has shown that it is significantly difficult to identify pain in the dementia population due to… Continue Reading →

The Morning Read: Volume 1

The crisp, Fall air whistles through the branches of the maple tree sitting out in the parking lot of a pediatric hospital. The leaves pluck off one by one, with a now inconsistent array of color patterns that blooms vividly. Within the windows painting this picture, pediatric nurses are on the floor wondering what they … Continue reading The Morning Read: Volume 1

LA #3 Background – Brittney Schutt

To begin, I have chosen a research proposal for my project in this course. In my previous research course, I explored the topic of education in the management of diabetes. Through each article, I was able to learn that education does have an effect on an individual’s managment of diabetes. I now want to know if … Continue reading LA #3 Background – Brittney Schutt

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