Getting Started

Tips and Tricks


Before you begin, map out the badging system. The gamification map is what we used to map out our badges. I like the idea of creating a graphic to show the connection between badges, work required and levels (if applicable) for next time. Having different levels of badging makes the game more interesting in my opinion. That needs to be balanced against simplicity for student understanding.


Get Support

Visit your friendly institutional instructional designer with your plans, get input and see what supports they provide. All of our badges were actually created by Jessica O’Reilly.

From Cambrian? 

Visit the Hub for in-depth support.


Using Moodle?

Check out this site with 100 free badges you can start with.


Using WordPress? 

I found this list of badge issuing platforms and ended up choosing BadgeOS because of the tutorials provided. However, it was definitely more work than setting up badges in Moodle. Functionality was also more limited. After days of wasted time and significant technical issues, I gave up.


Build Your Network!

If you are on twitter follow CogDog, the mastermind behind this WordPress theme.

Aaron also tweets about some useful gamification stuff.

I (NurseKillam) would also be happy to be part of your personal learning network.